September, 2015


Alambre Environmental Park, Azeitão Portugal


Max 30 Students


5 Professional Coaches

WHAT IS eYe / European Youth Employment

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With the eYe-Certificate it’s easier to find a job! 61% of European employers say they cannot find young candidates for their jobs with the right skills. Therefore, CircularSociety has created the eYe-Certificate Program to give young people the right skills. We have built an impact community that consist of employers, educators, governance authorities, coaches, trainers and students, who all closely interact with one another. This creates a unique learning environment and provides easy access to the job market.

The program begins on September 29, 2015 with a first module. Participants will be asked to do an internship of 4-5 months. The program ends in February 2016. All participants will be accommodated for free during the modules at the YMCA in Portugal Alambre, which is also where most training will take place.

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eYe / Why should you apply to this program?

The eYe-Certificate offers to young unemployed a 6-month program to become competitive in the job market. The eYe-Certificate offers high-level soft skills training and in collaboration with our partners the program also includes a certified online English course (EF), key IT skills training (ATEC) and an internship with employers in the impact community.

You will benefit from:

  • eYe-Certificate for top desired competencies in the current job market.
  • 4-5 months internship
  • Leading academic standards and mentoring program.
  • Easier integration in the job market through our unique employers’ network
  • Being part of our community of socially responsible leaders.
  • The eYe - Certificate offers you a great chance to learn and grow together with like-minded young people and be part of the growing eYe and CircularSociety community.
  • Free tuition - CircularSociety Partners will pay for your tuition.
  • Free accommodation - Sponsored by ACM/YMCA Setúbal

We believe there is a way to success:

To start or boost your career we provide the optimum learning environment, focus on personal attention and guidance, engage a team of academic and corporate consultants and provide hands-on experience - all this alongside constantly striving for excellence while ensuring the involvement of and contribution to the community. We look forward to welcoming you at YMCA in Portugal Alambre in September. Application deadline is September 13th, 2015.

Your career starts here!

Duration of the program:

  • 6 months (Including 4 months internship)


  • Paid for by CircularSociety Partners


  • Sponsored by ACM/YMCA Setúbal

You're eligible to take part in this program if you are:

  • 18 - 25 years old (extended to max. 30 years old based on Portuguese government decision)
  • Unemployed for a minimum of 3 months
  • Committed young talents holders of a degree (e.g.: IT or Engineering or Life-Science or Business or Technical apprenticeship (level 4 or 5) or other degrees.)
  • Highly motivated to further improve own competencies and knowledge
  • Able to study in English
  • Available also for jobs abroad
  • Eager to find a job!

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Candidates will be asked to provide a full application and prove their motivation.

Program begins September 29, 2015 in Alambre

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Event FAQS / find your answers

What are the elements of the eYe-Certificate?

The program consists of 16 days of training (skills, competencies, self reflection, attitude, communication, presentation, etc.). 11 days will be done in classroom setting, 5 days will be delivered virtually. In addition there is an online English course, study groups, peer-peer coaching sessions and a 4-5 months internship.

How long is the internship?

The internship will be 4 – 5 months.

Is the internship mandatory?

Yes, the internship is mandatory.

Will the internship be in Portugal?

It will be possible to apply for an internship in Portugal. In collaboration with our partners, e.g. AIESEC it will also be possible for some students to do an internship abroad.

Is the English course mandatory?

Yes, the English course is mandatory because we want to ensure that every eYe-graduate reaches a minimum level.

Is there a guarantee for getting a job after graduating from the eYe-Certificate?

There is no guarantee for getting a job after graduation. But we do actively orchestrate the interaction with employers and eYe-Students.

What are the salary levels that we can expect upon graduating from the eYe-Certificate?

That depends on the personal background as well as the individual job.

What happens if I begin the program but then decide to drop out of the program?

The space in our eYe-Certificate is limited (for a reason). If you decide to drop out after you have begun the program, a place will be lost.

What happens if I get a job offer while I am enrolled in the eYe-Certificate?

The ultimate goal of the eYe-Certificate is to get young unemployed people into a job. So we congratulate you in case you do get a job offer while doing the program. We do encourage you to complete the program and get the certificate. In order not to lose the job offer, you can offer to do / complete your internship at the company that wishes to hire you.

Is the eYe-Certificate only in happening in Portugal/ Setúbal?

Portugal is the pilot project. In 2016 we will expand to other regions in Portugal and more countries in Europe.

CircularSociety is Switzerland-based. How is it linked to Portugal?

The role of Community Manager in Setúbal/Lisbon ensures connection and local follow-up and follow-through.

What language will the eYe-certificate be taught in?

English will be the teaching language.

Who are the teachers / trainers?

The intensive curriculum will be taught by teacher / trainers of international reputation. This includes faculty from the NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon. Also, you will have a chance to interact with executives from organizations in CircularSociety’s impact community.

How long is the eYe-Certificate?

The program begins in September 2015 and will run until February 2016.

How big is the eYe-Certificate cohort?

There are 30 students enrolled in a cohort.

Is the eYe-Certificate really free for students?

Yes, students will not have to pay for the program – it is paid for by the CircularSociety Community. This includes also travel costs to the workshops in Alambre. We will not be able to cover your communications costs though (mobile, Internet).

What partner organizations does CircularSociety have?

We work in close collaboration with organizations such as Kelly Services, Porsche, Holcim, Science4You and others. Furthermore our impact community consists of associations which unite dozens of employers in Portugal (and beyond).

Should I apply if I am currently not unemployed?

This program is open only for those who are currently unemployed and have been for at least 6 months.

What is expected from me during the eYe-Certificate?

You confirm yourself to participate at all eYe program modules until the end. It is your personal responsibility to contribute at your fullest potential to make this eYe certificate community a success. We believe only then finding work for yourself will become a rewarding reality. You’re willing to grow as a person, that means you are also willing to quest your personal comfort zones and assumptions if the eYe challenges and projects require it. There will be an “eYe Honor Code” you will need to sign prior to the program.

Where will the training take place?

The 11 days of physical training will take place at the YMCA Camp. Website:

What is the maximum age for eYe?

The official age limit for Youth Unemployment is 25 year (extended to max. 30 years old based on Portuguese government decision)

What does the recruiting process look like?

All applicants will be asked to fill out the online questionnaire on Candidates will be asked to select one of the questions provided and answer with a 1.500 word essay. The candidate will also have the opportunity to share their 1 minute video that explains why they are a great candidate for the eYe-Certificate, however this is optionally. CircularSociety will evaluate all entries. The strongest applications will be put forward to a video-based interview. The 30 participants of the eYe-Certificate will be chosen in a final round of interviews.

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